Finding the perfect restaurant for Valentine's Day in Santa Monic and Los Angeles can be tough.  At Vito Restaurant we do our best to make your Valentine's Day experience enjoyable and easy!  Customers come from all over for what we believe is one of Santa Monica's best Valentine's Day romantic dining experiences.  We are proud to be one of only a few restaurants in Santa Monica that offers their full menu on this day.  We believe you should be able to enjoy all of the items on our menu and we don't mind putting in the extra work to make sure that is possible for you.  You also should not have to pay more just because it is Valentine's Day!  If you haven't experienced Vito Restaurant in Santa Monica for Valentine's Day yet, we hope you join us on this special day.  Of coursr our doors are always open to you throughout the year as well!

Here are some of the kind words that have been said about Vito Restaurant and it's romantic atmosphere:

"It's hard to argue with the old school charm of this Santa Monica restaurant..." - Matthew Kang for Discover Los Angeles

"This romantic Santa Monica hideaway is a step back in time where wonderful red-sauce far is proffered by tuxedoed waiters... thankful a place like this still exists." - Zagat

"Romance will be in the air this special day – rose petals will be strewn throughout the restaurant and each woman will receive a rose." - Kathy Leonardo for Santa Monica Mirror

This year Vito Restaurant was selected as the Westside's best Valentine's Day dining experience and restaurant by the Santa Monica Mirror.  You can read the whole story here on the Santa Monica Mirror website.